7 days before take-off

I will finish up work tomorrow night at Westwaters, today at Modern. Checked out Switch and it actually is a nice place so glad drinks/dinner is there on Thursday…my goodbye drinks are at Switch in Watergardens this Thursday afternoon and into the night, all are welcome from 4pm. If anyone wants to catch up I’ve got Sunday free…all booked up otherwise, so give me a call 🙂

Going to pack tomorrow. Bought a new bag today, a little bit more space now. Hopefully have some room to fit some things like shoes in now! It’s really started to sink in that I’m actually going overseas for such a long time. Going to miss so many people.

I had a nice conversation with an Argentinian family who came into Westwaters for lunch on Sunday. At least I know now they will be able to understand my Spanish when I get there. A bit less stress.

The tour company made a typo on my papers and almost cancelled it on me! Took a few days to sort out. Was a bit worried but all will work out. It’s all part of the adventure.


Author: Oddsie

From Melbourne, Australia

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