Tedious mail and mate in the park

Partied til dawn on the weekend…haven’t done that in ages. It was heaps of fun.

It’s hard to count drinks here when they don’t measure anything and everyone shares everything.

I tried to send some little Chrissie pressies today. Only I forgot my passport. Apparently you need a passport to send packages abroad. So tomorrow I’ll go again, stand in line to get stamps and then stand in line to get them posted. I hope they get there in time.

Some of the teen students: Nano, Franco, Eze and Mel.

Only 3 more English classes before Christmas and hopefully the summer school program will start up smoothly. I’ll be moving a block down the street after Christie, to a nice homestay place with aircon, a laundry (thank goodness no Laundromat perfumes for a month), locals and *fingers crossed* no one to eat all my food. I’m kind of over buying for the gremlin here, whoever they may be.

Sipping mate in the park

I had a great time at the night market on Sunday with Anna, after some Mate (sipping tea) by the fountains in the city centre (a local Sunday pastime – to sip mate, share stories, catch up around the fountains and listen to street musicians).

This weekend will be big as 3 volunteers are returning back home and nearly all the rest the following week.

My camera battery isn’t charging properly. I’m trying to fix it. As soon as I do, I’ll post up some more photos. Until then, chau chicos!


Author: Oddsie

From Melbourne, Australia

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