My first Parrillada and the beginning of farewells

Parrillada noche despedida de Anna.

My first Parrillada (steak-house) in Argentina, on Thursday night for Anna’s farewell.

I shared a sample plate, and the thick steaks were delicious.

I’m not too keen on well done steak or blood sausages, scrambled egg on fries, OR intestines!

Lattitud 33 is an Argentine which wine exists in Australia, just cheaper here.

For a total of $15 each and food left over, I think it was a great night.


We had a Goodbye/Birthday (for 2 people) party at Villa Revol last night. We brought drinks and snacks, the ladies made way too much delicious pizza, sandwiches, and savoury pionono (sponge cake rolls with ham+cheese+olives in one/ tuna+cheese+olives in another). Lots of toasts and little gifts going around.


I also have a mobile phone now, as it will be useful when I move house in a week to stay in touch with projects. If you would like the number, send me an email.

Something random: Walking home from the city today a guy walking next to me with a worried look that I must be careful of the sun. I laughed, and then it dawned how over the last two week I’ve gone from being a few shades lighter to a contrasting glow. When I said I was wearing sunscreen he asked if I get browner. Sigh, some of us are incapable of tanning, but I swear I’m about 50% darker than I was a month ago!

Luv Jods. xox



Author: Oddsie

From Melbourne, Australia

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