Orienteering New Years Eve into 2012

Definitely the best night out in Cordoba!

At the reasonable hour of 9pm I walked over to David and Benjamin’s place. After a few rounds of Truco, the boy’s grandmother arrived with enough food to feed 50 people. We tried, but no matter how much we ate the serving plates still overflowed and some food never left the kitchen.

After a countdown we headed for the roof for a sky full of fireworks.


And this is where the night truly began…
(due to risk factors I decided to leave my camera at home)
We didn’t end up going to the party in the mountains, a gut feeling of mine, there was a better more surprising outcome:

We received the name of who’s house we were to meet with Benja’s friends. At around 2am we walked into the city and caught a cab. The party was scheduled to start at 3am.
After a pumping taxi-ride (the 45 year-old driver was a self-proclaimed trance DJ) with a nearly overheating engine, one wrong turn through the industrial area… we arrived.
A bar set up in what used to be the kitchen, DJ in the living room, lights everywhere, people hanging out in what used to be a beautiful orchard (I’m guessing), the 30m oval empty pool was fenced off. Nothing but an adventure. We were introduced to a famous singer here in Argentina (I’ll add in a link later to their music).
She offered to drive us home at about 9am, with plans to go to the river and meet up later on.
We all went to sleep and when we woke up we decided to not go to the river because it was just too hot.

Strangely, we ran into the singer yesterday. She was in our neighbourhood just hanging out.
I’ll add some more to this post later on. For now though, Happy New Year everyone.

I’ll be at the Pax Hostel in Buenos Aires from Monday for 2 weeks before departing to Uruguay on the 23rd or January.

ttys xox


Author: Oddsie

From Melbourne, Australia

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