Tango Nights in BA

On Tuesday night, after the walking tour and spending the afternoon with a group of Canadians and Aussies we joined up with some people from the hostel and headed over to 36 Billares for drinks and a Tango show.
The entrace was only $40peso, so it was good value, a shame about the service there though. It took the waiter 45 minutes to take our drink order and then after another 45 minutes he brought us the wrong drinks… I mean if it was food it may have been OK. It’s reasonable here to wait up to 30minutes but seriously, we ordered sparkling water and a couple of beers.

And a few nights on the roof patio of the hostel:

And to top off the week, Nora and Juliana (who I met in Cordoba) are in town so we went all out on Saturday. We went to Piazzolla Tango – usually $480, we got it down to $350peso ($77AUD) by putting the street sales staff against each other.
Unfortunately we weren’t allowed to take photos. But I highly recommend this show for music lovers. There was more music from the orchestra than dancing. The show went for nearly 2 hours and the 10 dancers, 3 singers, and 6 musicians were amazing. The tango teachers were also entertaining.
Juliana, Me, and Nora at Piazzolla Tango for our fancy Saturday night out.


Author: Oddsie

From Melbourne, Australia

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