Valparaiso to Santiago

Bye-bye cruise-ship. It was fun, an adventure, great food and people, parties and education… and so many places I could never have afforded to go if not on a cruise-ship! Best 12 days of my trip so far.
We came into port on Saturday (February 4th).
I’ve taken care to post some things home. I understand that my postcards from Buenos Aires never made it. I must have sent them by national and not international post (their system is the worst). But Chilean post is good (so the Chilean’s tell me). Actually the lifestyle here in Santiago is not unlike that of home. People here have it good. It’s not overpopulated and everyone seems to get a decent wage.

Arriving in Valparaiso

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Today (Wednesday) I’ll be meeting the group of people I’ll be travelling with for the next 8 weeks. I can’t wait!
Had the best lasagne ever yesterday 🙂 Went to the zoo, markets and lots of places by foot over the last few days. It’s a great city, everything is very close. I’m on my way to the post office to send a few things home that I wont be needing, and then tomorrow I say goodbye to Santiago.
Hope the floods in Northern NSW are nearly over, and that the fire season is not a bad one. The forcast here today is “smoke”. The photos from yesterday are very “smoky” also.
Meer Cat
On top of San Cristobal Hill
San Cristobal Hill - so smoky can't see the Andes 25km away
Me and Michele (from Brazil)
Mapocho River
Random dog crazy about water
Going down the mountain

Until next time, adios.


Author: Oddsie

From Melbourne, Australia

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