Peru to Ecuador

From Huanchaco, we caught an overnight bus to Mancora and then taxied it to Punta Sal. Back on the beach… literally on the beach. It was so nice. No waves, a few boats, and about 2km of soft sand beach for a couple of days. A real holiday.

Heading North
Punta Sal
Punta Sal (I climbed a little mountain to watch sun set).

We headed back to Mancora where we (yes it is possible) were even closer to the beach, it was lapping at the gates of the Hostal restaurant during high tide. A nice relaxing night, some civiche (possibly had some shellfish, the next day I looked and felt like I’d put on another 6 kg and covered in little itchy lumps – nothing a few antihistimines couldn’t fix). Bye bye delicious Peruvian seafood.

Hello international food options again in Ecuador. We caught the bus to Cuenca. Our bus was over an hour late, and then it got a flat tyre just before the border into Ecuador… so rather than 8pm we arrived at our Hotel at 11:45pm.

I took the city tour bus with the others and I really like this city. It’s beautiful and has architecture from all over the world, rivres, mountains, not too hot or cold… no wonder most of the population are international retirees.

Cuenca city bus tour - low power lines!
Cuenca, lookout and Art Market
Cuenca, Ecuador
Ecuador, traditional food
Rio Tomebamba
Lunch menu... so cheap! (USD)

Today we leave for the town of hot springs – Banos. I’ll be staying in Rio Verde about another half hour for 3 nights. Nearly done with this tour, 9 days to go… and then back to being an independent traveler. I am kind of excited about staying in the same place for a week or two. Was considering doing a bit more travelling, but depending on how Quito is, I think I’ll stay there 2 weeks before flying back to Buenos Aires and coming home.


Author: Oddsie

From Melbourne, Australia

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