Being a parent

Life is messy, full of pathways, obstacles and opportunities.
Family and friends are worth their weight in gold  🙂  We love and treasure you all.

Sometimes things can be planned for, sometimes even things carefully planned for make a person change their life and their sense of identity. For me, I am now a mum, or to Ella, Mummy, and although the first birthday is just around the corner, I feel like I’ve travelled and aged at least five years. I finally got some prints on order:

Isabella's first year2

I did plan on going back to work at the start of the year. I never wanted to be one of those parents who didn’t have a career, who didn’t dive straight back in and not lose footing in the world outside of her family. Isabella had other plans for me, and that’s O.Kay too, now that I have come to terms with it.

For those of you whom I manage to stay in touch with and keep updated (not enough of you, I know, I’m sorry), you will know that Isabella and I have been struggling with allergies and food intolerance. Kieran and I now often feel like we need to keep more of an eye on the people around our daughter than her behaviour, fearing someone will give her something that will make us all miserable for days. It has happened too, a few times. After a related issue with childcare centres it was decided that putting her at risk was more harmful than me coming to terms with just being mum, for now, at least. She seems to be growing out of some of these allergies, for example she can now tolerate egg whites, but not yolks yet. We still have big issues with wheat protein, soy, yeast and dairy (CMPI).

I have spent most of my time working out what we can eat and what meals are worth eating, which lie outside the normal pantry staples. It’s very difficult and although we haven’t found a decent cake recipe or had a *wow* moment yet with experiments in dairy, soy, wheat free cakes… we have had many other successes with bread, nut slices and rusks, dips, pastas, salads, roasts/baked dinners, muffins, cookies, ice creams, meringues (aquafaba), mud/nut cakes and nut or rice milks. We still need to get a decent pastry recipe too, that’s another thing that is a real challenge. Needless to say we eat a lot of Mexican and Indian food as well as soy-free Asian style cooking these days and we very rarely eat out because 9/10 times we regret it (of about the 10 times we have eaten out this year).

I’ve started a new Allergy-Friendly-Food blog where I’ve been busy updating recipes. I still have about 20 to put up and I hope some of the people I’ve networked with can come up with a decent dairy, gf, wheat, soy and egg free cake recipe that’s light and fluffy and delicious by Isabella’s birthday, if not, it’ll be a mud-like or cheese-cake like option for guests.

We recently had Keiran’s parents visit and they also met up with us when we went to visit his Grandparents and explore the hunter valley in June. It was nice to get away, but probably the least relaxing holiday ever, lots of driving, no sleep and lots of rainy days.

We hope to see you all soon. Bye for now.


Author: Oddsie

From Melbourne, Australia

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