Travel at 2… Day 1: our 39 hour day

After a last minute visit to the dentist yesterday nearly ruining Kierans’s holiday excitement, he has a temporary filling and we still managed to double check our pack list, clean the house, finish the washing ready for the house-sitters and spend some quality time with Griffin.

This morning we got our taxi to take us via beloved Joey Club to return our access cards and say goodbye for 2017 on the way to the airport. Our house-sitters were due to arrive back from The Netherlands at 9am so we hoped to cross paths, but alas customs tied them up as they presented some Dutch chocolates and we missed them by about 10minutes.

We did manage to see our plane land, Kieran was very excited.

Our first leg, to Auckland was a wonderful 3 hours of fun, TV, games and busy book and Isabella slept for half the time. Our connecting flight had changed boarding time from 6 to 7:30pm when we landed however which makes me a little apprehensive about the 3 hour window we have to make our next international connection to make in Los Angeles to get to Vancouver.

Isabella was quite in need of going outside…so we had her run laps of the gate seating room in the hope of getting some of the energy burnt up. So of the 11hr flight time, Isabella slept about 6hrs so we didn’t do too badly.

America… LAX border security was nice and friendly, we got through and checked in to Air Canada at the other end of the airport in less than 45 minutes. Maybe Wednesday at noon is the best time to arrive? In fact, from every person we encountered today, only one was an abrupt grump, and he was at the AirNZ gate in Los Angeles checking our tickets for boarding.

We met a Canadian nearly two year old, Wolfgang, during our 2hr wait and Isabella had some fun in the people-sparse airport gate lounge. Onto our last leg of our journey to Vancouver.

After hopping into a car with the eighth taxi company name we saw, we got to see this pretty city midweek nightlife and everything was still open (cabby said 7-8pm was normal for every shop to close), and we were in bed after some local pizza at 8:30pm.

Here safe, happy and well. Will update you all soon with more.


Author: Oddsie

From Melbourne, Australia

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