Driving through Arizona

We took a drive to the California-Arizona border next, hoping to see the old London Bridge. We drove over the bridge and camped at Crazy Horse Campgrounds on a little island, a terribly overpriced campground, the expensive laundry was out of service, the WiFi wasn’t working, toilets were 800m away and every second RV had a generator running all night… but we survived by heading into town to do some washing and hitting up some free wifi.
In the morning we checked out the famous bridge and did some grocery shopping at Safeway and set off north-east.

Stopping off at Kingston, we had a look at the Route 66 museum and the electric car museum, which were both very interesting, and reminders of the power of big corporations. Friday night,we camped at the base of Humphreys Peak in the National Park forest near sunset crater monument, above 7000 feet. 9deg when we arrived so we had a pit fire, -6degrees when we woke up… so we had a hot breakfast before heading back into Flagstaff for some ‘visitor information’ and a drink at a diner cafe to decide on a plan.

We set off for Monument Valley, for.a monemtn in the state of Utah on the Navajo reservation. A very scenic drive as the colours and layers of the rocks and landscapes changed, showing how insignificant we are in the grand scheme of time. Monument Valley was hosting a marathon so we got in for free but couldn’t access any hiking trails, which didn’t bother us too greatly. We then back tracked a bit to head up to Lake Powell, near Page, Arizona.


Author: Oddsie

From Melbourne, Australia

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