After stopping by the park, we boarded the Pacific Surfliner train to view the beautiful coastline from San Diego to Anaheim. We were pretty exhausted from our big day so we got delivery for dinner.

Our day in Disney Adventure Park was just as could be expected…with 4D movies, musicals, rollecoasters, spinning rides, dancing cars and meeting characters. The next day however… we went to the otherwise… Disneyland, for more of the above, a lunch with comedians, Christmas parades and rides, until Isabella decided she wanted to go on another boat ride so we waited and waited for over 30minutes in line and she fell asleep just before boarding, no matter how much we tried to keep her awake! (6pm). We went back to Adventure Park to see the water fountain light show and back to Disneyland but they canceled the fireworks and sprayed everything with pumpkin spice scented soap foam (they call it snow).

Thenext day we went back to see the other half of Disneyland before catching an Uber to Los Angeles.

We had amazing Mexican food for dinner and watched the smoke clouds of the LA fires. We had a terrible night in the bed and breakfast hostel with super high ratings so we left early the next morning to a new hotel.


Author: Oddsie

From Melbourne, Australia

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